10 Outstanding Strategies To Grow Any Business

Strategy 1: Go Digital

The livewire of every business is making sales and getting profits in return. Sales is what keeps you in business, and the larger your customer chain, the better your chances of selling. That is to say that the higher audience you can market your product or service to, the better your chance is for making sales, and this is where this first strategy comes in.

The world is termed as a “global village” because of the ease at which communication and connecting with other people can be done. Using the assistance of your Facebook messenger, you can connect with somebody in Canada while you are here in Nigeria, and get an instant reply, and this is a modern power that you can’t allow to waste if you are interested in growing your business.

This marketing strategy is what big companies like jumia, konga, and Coca-Cola have used to initiate growth.

As a business person, the need to get a website and a social media page for your business isn’t negotiable. Remember that the whole essence of Marketing is to create awareness of your existence, and a website/blog and a social media handle will help you do that.

The world wide web is surfed by over 4.2 billion people, that number is more than enough for you to sky rocket your sale, but you have to make them see you. If you don’t have a website or social media handle, you risk losing a large chunk of the market availability, therefore make your business visible by having of a website and a social handle. Use this mediums to convince them that you are the right person for them by filling your wall or site with quality content about your business. Show them what your business is all about and how you do what you do.

Apart from getting a website/Handle, the use of social media ads can be very helpful in increasing your visibility. Since the inception of social media ads, it has been on the rise and those who have been able to master the act of properly blending ads and copy, have gotten amazing results. You too can. Using social media ads like Facebook will give your business a lot of visibility at a minimal cost. You can employ demographics and buyers persona to help you target a specific audience.

At this point, I would like to emphasize that there is no one particular way of going digital, you have to use them all, and with the increase in technology, apps have been built that would help you do all these. Marketing on social media is one sure way of skyrocketing your business growth. It’s a lethal weapon in modern Marketing, a weapon you just have to use.

Strategy 2: Freebies Sells

There is a saying that is made up of the following words; ” Free things runs the stomach ( translated from pidgin , if you know you know), but in Marketing, reverse is the case.

The painful truth about making sales is that people don’t buy from you because they know you or because you are their friend, real customers buy from you because they trust in your products ability to solve their problem. So to sell, you need to build trust and this particular strategy will help you do just that.

Everybody likes free things, on a second thought, many persons like free things, they always want that free service, that free gift, that free class, that free training, that free clothing, and since they like it free, give it to them that way…

But I doesn’t have to be that way forever…

Remember that the main objective of Marketing is to inscribe your business in the hearts of your customers and potential customers, and in doing so, you just sometimes have to give them a taste of what you offer.

Have you ever licked off soup behind the cooking spoon only to reach out for a plate? (I have, especially when it’s my mom cooking )

Well that’s what giving freebies does to your customer. Give them a taste of what your paid or premium service or Product will be like by giving them a free service or product. It can be a free training, webinar, a free copy of your book, a free sample of your music or cloth, a free coaching or teaching. By doing this, you are drawing their attention towards your business especially when they have nothing to lose, I mean they don’t have to pay for anything. They would gladly accept your offer.

One mistake many people do in marketing is to come up first with a paid Product or service, especially when they are newbies or rookies. They end up making minimal sales or zero sales. It’s not because their products aren’t quality enough, but because their customers don’t trust them enough to buy from them.

Another thing that a free give away can do is to create an impression in the hearts of your customers that you aren’t just after their money, but after their well being, they tend to trust you more and in return, they buy.

If you are into information selling, why not give your potential customers a free eBook of one of your contents, trust me on this, if your work is great and gives them high value i.e. it’s solves their problems almost to a fault, they would want to pay for your paid books. It works like magic although it’s not as your “freebie” needs to be very high in quality. The same applies for a musician, offer to sing for free, if you kill it, they will come back, then you can charge, you’ve now gotten hold of their balls, you can now milk out cash…

I have a study material I prepared on Effective Writing; Becoming a master writer, I divided it into 3 parts, the first part was free, if you liked what you saw in the first part, you can then pay for the rest 2 and trust me, the results were amazing and luckily, the eBook is still up for grabs, you can order for your free first copy too.

The bottom line is to draw the attention of your customers by giving them a scent of your fish( free service and products), and once they’ve smelled your fish, like rats they will always run towards the trap, but be careful with your price, you might just reveal your trap…

It’s not all about the money, gain their trust first…

Strategy 3: Be A Loudspeaker

There’s an African adage that says; An empty drum makes the loudest noise.

Well in experiencing exponential business growth, and in using Marketing to do so, this saying might be a lie. If you’ve followed me from the day one of this journey, you’d know by now that the major essence of marketing is to create an awareness to your prospective customers that someone like you do exist, and that doesn’t happen when you keep quiet.

In employing this strategy, silence isn’t the best option, been a loudspeaker is, although knowing when to keep quiet is key.

Have you noticed that no advert is always quite, no street promotional offer goes mute, it’s always saying something. In facts, people are always drawn to sudden noise, and that’s what you should be doing, not making noise though, but been a loud voice.

What do I Mean By This?

Do what a loudspeaker does, Produce a high level of voicing.

Talk about your business and what you do at home, work, church, weddings, ‘get togethers’ or hangouts, at functions, at a speaking engagement, PTA meetings, while on transit, even at a funeral (). The whole essence of employing this strategy is to attract your customers by making your voice heard.

Becoming an earpiece that only a maximum of 2 persons can listen to will be of no effect if you want to grow your business.

Talk about your business everywhere you go, don’t be afraid or ashamed to do so, you never can tell whose listening. Moreover, if you are afraid or ashamed of talking about what you do and how you do what you do, you are not ready for growth.

Be your own advertisement, it’s totally free, you aren’t paying no TV station, radio channel or billboard stand, so why don’t you do it.

If it’s akara you fry, talk about akara everywhere you go.

…. I am XYZ and I fry akara

…. That’s not true, akara is better for breakfast, not only is it light on the stomach, it’s very tasty and nutritious. I’m not saying this because frying akara is what I do, but because it’s the truth…

…. Parents please let’s place importance to what our children eat, let’s give them nutritious food such as a well fried akara, just like the one I fry during breakfast…..

These are ways in which you can introduce your business in a conversation and do so creatively. In some cases, you might loose the conversation, but you’ve already told their minds that you fry akara and when next they need that service, you might be called.

So the question is when last did you tell someone about your business?

To carry out this strategy effectively, there will be need to horne your communication skills because the goal is to talk about your business as much as possible to as many as reachable..

Strategy 4: Create Quality Content

Everyone loves quality!

Even those who can’t afford it still loves it.

Quality is a very key factor that any business bent on growth shouldn’t compromise on.

For whatever range or class of people your business is targeting, you should ensure, that at that level, your product is quality enough to solve their problem and meet their need because that’s the reason why they came to you in the first place.

The magic quality contents creates is that it increases the trust level of your customers to a point where they willingly become referrals and advertisers of your business.

Your customers have friends, family and neighbors that they hang out with and also share the same problem with and if you are able to create contents that solves their problems, they will gladly and convincly tell their friends about your business.

You keep, retain and increase your customer base when you dish out quality content.

Your version 2 should be better and meet more needs than your version 1

Also, quality contents breeds confidence in the minds of your customer.

When you baptize a customer with consistent contents of high quality, they gradually grow a strong confidence in your product or service.

Even when a mishap happens along the way, they tend to still believe in the potency of your service. This is because over the years, they have enjoyed quality content delivery from you.

You want a customer for life?

Try this strategy.

You can market or dispense your content via podcasts, writings, tips, DIY, Videos etc.

At this point, let me go get water

What’s the quality level of the content you share about your business? Or you really don’t know how to create high quality contents? Or is sharing them with your audience is your issue?

Strategy 5: The Artistic Stroke

Have you ever been present when an artist draws or paints?

If you’ve been, you’d know how captivating this art is.

The splash of colours

The smell of paint

The mixture of various ingredients to produce the perfect texture , the blend of colors that give the piece a breathtaking look

Even down to the sweat that races down the forehead of the artist makes this art all interesting, but what really captivates me and every other art lover isn’t just the artist, but the art itself. The art that represents the majestic Stroke of the artist, that’s what ties me down.

In growing your business exponentially, you need to come out with an art that contains your “majestic stroke”.

And what is this Stroke?

It is what you represent, what you stand for, what your customer sees you as. It is an identity that you are known for.

Many persons calls it “BRANDING”, but permit me to call it the artistic stroke of your business.

Investing in the proper representation of your business is an investment you shouldn’t play with. Remember that people first see you before they hear what you have to say..

By invest, it necessarily doesn’t mean just money.

Sometimes what you say about your business in the midst of your potential customers sends a strong message to their hearts.

Paint the picture of what your business stands for everywhere you go.

Branding goes beyond your company “Name, logo, pictures, insignia” et al, it should start from your mind. Please don’t get me wrong all these are very  important.

Branding cuts across every and anything that has to do with the public representation or imagery of your business, and this includes your business name, graphic images, adverts etc..

If you are into fashion, let everything you do be fashion, and that includes your name and pictures. You should be able to use all these to evoke a specific tone and feeling in the mind of your customers. A needle and thread image is a better representation of you than a hammer. Use these tools to tie down the attention of your customers.

I’m sure you’ve seen pictures or short phrases of some businesses that you can’t help but keep staring, that’s the same feeling you should be giving to your customers irrespective of what you do.

Allow me to recall that branding goes beyond these, it starts from your mind. Your business should be well painted and represented in your head before you paint it in front of your customers.

By using branding as a marketing strategy, you’ll increase the trust of your customers on your business which in turn will lead them to your front door.

Another advantage is this: our human mind remembers pictures more faster than words most times, so using a unique picture to rep your business, will ensure that you are always remembered.

Branding is a great way to make your business known in the hearts of customers..

Strategy 6: Collaboration

A friend of mine once said,

let’s collaborate instead of competing.

It’s no lie that the completion in the market space is very high and will remain so, so long as businesses keep springing up, but for you who want to grow your business, this can be a good thing.

How you might wonder?

Follow me

You can leverage on the power of collaboration.

Business is a game of people. The more human resources you have at your disposal, the more advantage you have over others, and the best human resources to have are those in form of partners or collaborators.

Look into your space, and you’d find someone doing something related to what you do or someone that is rendering a service that you need.

Collaborate with such persons!

Have you ever thought why Wizkid features the likes of Chris brown and trey songz?

It’s because his trying to grow his global market and fans same with Davido. They partner or feature with other musicians who are heavyweights or influencers globally and by doing so, they increase their popularity, fans and their worth.

So before you decide on competing with that producer or designer, have you thought of ways to collaborate with him so as to grow your own business?

Imagine you as a musician doing a collaboration with your producer, and telling him to help you sell your music and in return, he gets 35% of the profits? Call it affiliate marketing or whatever name you choose, it’s all about collaboration.

If you can’t beat them, form a team that can..

Never underestimate the power of collaboration.

Jumia is one of the biggest online shops in Nigeria if not Africa and yet they don’t own any products. What do they do?

They collaborate with service providers and product manufacturers and boom! They are making millions everyday.

Don’t forget your customers too. You can offer them a free service, discount or profit percentage for any friend or relative that buys from you through them. Call it referrals, it’s still Collaboration baby!

I can go on and on and on with these, but I’m sure you’ve gotten the message.

Quite the completion for a bit and start collaboration…

As I’ve always emphasized, every customer isn’t yours for the taking, not everybody needs you.

Strategy 7: Always Show up

Not everybody uses Google or drinks coca-cola.

Yes every body like music, but not everybody would listen to country music, not everybody will like chocolate flavor or eat akara…

This is why audience or market targeting is an indispensable tool to use when marketing so as to reduce stress and increase productivity.

When the right customer or audience has been targeted and locked, locate them by SHOWING UP.

Show up at






Trade fairs and

Events that they would attend, and make sure you become a loud speaker there.

Network with them, the quality of your network defines your networth.

Word of mouth is still very effective. Tell them what you do and how you do what you do.

Look smart and sharp

Walk with confidence and 50 50 shoulder pad

Keep your words short, precise and with a banger.

If you do this very well, they will be the one asking for your contact or price list and not the other way round.

The market is brutal, the “you won’t find this anywhere” gimmick isn’t working anymore.

Customers way too smart, they are bumped with tens of similar product or service everyday. So they no longer look for you(especially newbies), you need to look for them and you do this by going to where hang out and feel relaxed enough to hear you out.

Remember that the core purpose of marketing is to create an awareness about your business to your customers or prospective customers.

It helps your business make enough noise so as to get noticed and SHOWING UP is a great way to create that awareness and make that noise.

Get their contacts and create a system that will help you keep them in check..

SHOWING UP also paints a confidence picture to your audience. They will trust you better as they believe you are confident of your business and trust is why they buy from you remember?

I’m sure you do.

Strategy 8: Buy A Digital Land

Economists and realtors have exposed our eyes to the importance of acquiring a land, as it’s worth or value always undergoes a constant appreciation. Over time, this has been proven to be true and has skyrocketed its appreciation even more.

But how does this affect my business?

How does it cause growth you may wonder?

Well gather round..

As with other strategies I’ve been sharing for the past 7 days, if this strategy is done effectively, it will yield you fantastic results by increasing your customer base.

Although I must tell you that it’s a gradual process and your time is needed.

Please read carefully now!

If you are still using Facebook as the only way to connect to your customers or share value, then you are using a rented apartment and we know how rented houses go. You could be evicted anytime, same with Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn.

They are great and amazing mediums for connection, but you don’t have control over what policies they decide to take, what rules they introduce, what algorithm they employ.

You are a tenant uncle, you have very little say to what oga Mark Zuckerberg or bros Jeff Weiner will do next. A close down like Google + could happen, and if your only link to your customers is via these platforms, what then happens.

You need to buy a digital LAND and build…



Create a digital space where you are fully in charge of what happens, and an email list or a blog/Website is one sure land that’s always up for sale.

What’s an email list?

It’s a list that contains the email addresses of your customers or clients. These list is used to easily keep them informed or notified about the latest happenings around your business.

Email has been an ever present platform, and a solid rock for marketing.

One thing that’s as important as gaining new customers is customer retention. Not only do they help grow your business through words of mouth and referrals, they remain loyal and this is key to business growth.

Create an email list using apps like mail chimp or GetResponse softwares, but this cannot be possible if you don’t go digital with what you do.

Notify your customers about the latest and best products and services you have, as well as offering them solutions to their problems base on what your services are. Use this medium to build trust and increase your chain of loyal customers.

By using platforms like email lists, your business is always at the face of your customers and thats the aim of marketing; Getting you known.

When this list is created, use free products and service offers to attract more people to give away their email addresses. You want to know how to effectively use freebies, to attract your desired customers?

Employ this strategies gradually and see how your business grows…

Got questions or issues? I’ll be waiting to answer them via the comment section.

Mention or share if a friend needs this.

This is the 8th day of this marketing journey and it has been stretching for me as well as fantastic. I’m happy with results and responses I’m getting. What about you?

Strategy 9: Run Campaigns

Around this time last month, the streets, dailies and news were filled with deafening noise about raging campaigns and rallies that were conducted by political parties contesting for various political positions. They went from state to state, city to city as the case warrented, making promises and creating awareness about their political ambition.

While many person’s saw these as political and pre-electoral activities, this was political marketing.

They used these campaigns to create awareness, win the hearts of the people (customers) and increase their chances of winning the election ( grow their business).

Running a campaign is a fantastic way to create awareness and increase your business growth. Running a campaign is about making noise about what you do and as you already know, making noise attracts people.

Depending on the market your service or product falls under, you necessarily do not need to carry speakers and mount platforms to run a campaign, neither do you have to spend much. You can run your business campaign and get wonderful results using these mediums below:

Online media, including interactive ads and banners on websites


Print media

Social media

Radio and Television

Telemarketing( Bulk SMS services)

Events and trade shows

Search engines

Effective marketing campaigns are lot more than just advertisements, they involve the effective use of the mediums I listed above, the use and pattern of words, how they are said or written, timing, sequence, audience, your market positioning, brand name… et al.

Campaign itself has its strategies, systems, processes and tactics to increase its effectiveness, but also, it’s an integral part of marketing.

In using “campaign” as a marketing strategy, you are able to reach a wider audience with your business at a go. One marketing campaign can be seen or thousands of persons, depending on the mediums, systems and strategies employed.

I remember going through my Instagram page when I saw a campaign done by MasterCard to make aware a particular service, the video had already had 52 million views. Just one campaign, one video, one platform. That’s how fantastic the results can be..

Strategy 10: Play Their Song

This is the last of the ten strategies for experiencing exponential growth in business, and I must be grateful for those of you that have followed me through this journey.

The results has been amazing, the response has been fantastic and the this journey has been one of its kind and I hope to do this again.

Play Their Song

Dear Business Owner,

The rise and fall of your business rests on the shoulders of your customers, their quality and quantity.

It is therefore critical to your business growth that all your resources be put together to create a system that achieves customer attraction and customer retention, and this must include your business structure, plan, models of products or services, behavioral attributes and skills of your marketers, sales reps or customer service.

It’s all about THEM.

You are and will continue to be in business because of THEM.

Having this as an inscription in your business, you’d have to PLAY THEIR SONG.

Do what is humanly right to attract and retent your preferred customers, but in playing this game, ensure you and your business aren’t on the losing side, that is you aren’t running at loss.

In all the strategies I’ve dished out so far, this one connects and marries all of them.

Are you

Going digital?

Giving out freebies?


Advertising your business?

Running a campaign?

Whatever marketing strategy you decide to ball with, ensure you do it while playing their song.

Make them fall in an ecstatic relationship with what you do and how you do what you do, that leaving your business will be like an heart break.

Let your speech, actions, strategy, structures, present and futuristic plans be customer-centric.

Create products and services that suites the various lifestyle and needs of your customers.

You know how lovers sacrifice for each other and make some life adjustments just to ensure that their partner is happy?

That’s how you should sail the boat of your business.

When your customers hear you play their favorite song, they will have no choice but to dance their favorite dance.

When you bombard your customers with a gazillion volts of sweet music, they will trust you with their problems and their pockets.

The best marketing strategy is one that romances the emotional nerves of its customers..

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