Crowd1 100% guaranteed and easy way to earn money online

Do you know you can start earning?

€125 ($137.80) inviting 4 White Members

€375 ($413.39) inviting 4 Black Members

€1,000 ($1,102.37) inviting 4 Gold Members

€3,000 ($3,307.10) inviting 4 Titanium Members weekly?

Yes, it’s possible! Impossible is nothing.

Crowd1 is the first of this kind combined Crowd Marketing and Online Network Marketing. It’s changing the Whole Digital product’s distribution system. It’s the most profitable online business currently redefining the whole traditional multi level marketing industry by providing solid residual income. Giving new companies ways to market their products to millions of the customer over 190 countries at light speed. Right now, it is the best business which is eliminating Digital inequality and empowering Entrepreneurs all around the globe. Crowd1 has created a viable platform for everyone to operate a Global business from their homes, thereby providing time and financial freedom to millions of people.

The best part of it is, it’s easy to start simply register and activate your account. Like no other time in history, you’re given the opportunity to grow your earnings to become a millionaire. Become a part of fastest growing project in the world with over 10 million members in less than 7 months.

Crowd1 is changing millions of lives around the world daily with her world class management team with solid track record!

There’s no business you should be involved in right now apart from Crowd1. It’s the best and biggest happening in the online/digital marketing space.

This platform called Crowd1 is 100% digital network marketing platform. What you need is just your Smartphone device and you can be anywhere in the world to benefit from the awesome opportunity Crowd1 is bringing right to you.

The concept of the company can be likened to that of Uber who’s operating the taxi system without a single car, Airbnb that’s operating real estate without a single property or international ecommerce giants like Alibaba, AliExpress, Jumia and Konga that’s raving the ecommerce market space without owning a single product.

In the case of Crowd1, it’s pioneering the first ever digital marketing platform that gives us the opportunity to earn from people’s habits on the online gambling and gaming industry. Just recently another fantastic product called lifetrnds was added t Crowd1. The lifetrnds gives discount on airline or hotel booking. And also the Tribute app that offers lifestyle products.

When you join, you have the privilege to take part in the investment aspect (liken it to purchasing a share in a company. Crowd1 is relatively new and not yet on the stock exchange market.)

You get some tokens called Crowd1 rewards.

These rewards are your value on the Crowd1 network or what you are worth.

At the moment each reward is flat rate of 2 Euros (will explain more on reward later).

By default everyone is investing.

You also have the privilege to become an active affiliate.

This is all about networking.

The bonus you get from here is called binary bonus. (Will explain later)   

How Crowd1 Works

You register using a sponsor link, a person who will help, assist, support and guide you in your Crowd1 experience, into and through Crowd1.
The sponsor must be someone who demonstrates knowledge and knowhow of Crowd1 as a business and processes of Crowd1.

Buy White €99

  • Get profit share worth €200, once-off
  • Get streamline bonus weekly up to €10
  • Residual bonus 5% of the company monthly profit.
  • White will only take you to level 4 and not above

Buy Black €299

  • Get profit share worth €600, once-off
  • Streamline bonus weekly up to €75
  • Residual bonus 5% of company monthly profit.
  • Black will only take you to level 8 and not above

Buy Gold €799

  • Get Profit share worth €2000, once-off
  • Streamline bonus weekly up to €250
  • Residual income 10% of company monthly profit
  • Gold will only take you to level 12 and not above

Buy Titanium €2499

  • Get profit share worth €7000, once-off
  • Streamline bonus weekly up to €1000,
  • Residual income 10% of company monthly profit.

Titanium is the only Pack to take you to 15/15 provided you personally sponsored 15 people.

Once the Pack has been chosen your sponsor will facilitate the payment of your package. Allow guidance and be willing to be guided as a new member.

Payment Methods Preferred:

1 – Gift Code
2 – Bitcoins

Once paid and activated get your link and start growing your business. Share your Crowd1 business presentation or marketing material with potential prospects.
How we make Money in Crowd1

  1. The only way of making immediate money into your bank is to recruit, share you business and invite people to Crowd1.
  2. Claim your weekly Owner’s Rights which goes to increase your profit share or Owner’s Right, this we cannot withdraw or earn to withdraw to bank day to day but through quarterly dividends.

To start earning you need a minimum of Two (2) people which will be place left and right. 1 person must be place on one side and the other person on the other side being left or right. You will start earning Binary bonuses, then help your team to follow suit on Recruiting, sharing and building their team. You keep on working, you can Buy any Package to start with and you can Upgrade at anytime. I will be there to take your step by step and support you into and through Crowd1.


Streamline Bonus:

This is where you get paid for just signing up and activating your account. You get it without recruiting anybody; however, you get more when you start recruiting. There are 15 Levels in Streamline Bonus. You are placed on Level 1 even without recruiting anybody, and you’ll be paid on WEEKLY BASIS.

  1. Fear Of Loss:

This is a special gift from the company where you have the chance of winning €3,000 within 14 days (after signing up) if you refer 4 active members. Make sure you have at least 1 person on any side of the legs, don’t put all 4 in 1 leg. See how you earn below:
Invite 4 White Members = Earn €125 ($137.80).
Invite 4 Black Members = Earn €375 ($413.39).
Invite 4 Gold Members = Earn €1,000 ($1,102.37)
Invite 4 Titanium Members = Earn €3,000 ($3,307.10)
Note: If there is a combination of packages; for example 2 White and 2 Black, the lesser bonus, in this case €125, is what you are going to get.
But if the 2 White upgrades to Black before your 14 days expires, the remaining bonus is paid to you on the Black Package.
If your 9days expires before completing your 4 downlines, you are no longer qualified to earn Fear Of Lose Commission but you’ll earn other bonuses.

  • Binary Bonus:

This bonus is currently making people millionaires in just one month. You get this bonus every time you bring a person into the business. It’s paid same time and you can withdraw your earnings/bonuses instantly. Unlike other binary business that pays you from your weak leg; here, you get paid both from your strong leg and your weak leg.
The Binary Bonus is given as points and then converted to Cash, which you can withdraw.
1 Point = $0.10
Each Active Member (direct, indirect or spillovers) under you gives you some point depending on the package they sign up for, or upgraded to.
Below is the number of points each Active Referral gives you depending on the package:
White = 90 Points
Black = 270 Points
Gold = 720 Points
Titanium = 2,250 Points
Below is what you earn as Binary Bonus for each Active Referral, considering that a point is worth $0.10
White = €9 ($9.92)
Black = €27 ($29.76)
Gold = €72 ($79.37)
Titanium = €225 ($248.03)

  • The 20% And 80% Binary Bonus Division:

Using the White Package as an example; let’s say you have 4 Active Downlines, your total points would be 360 (90 x 4), which amounts to €36 (360 x $0.10). 20% of the €36 which is €7.20 goes to the Owner Rights, while 80% which is €28.80 goes to your Account Balance. Matching Bonus: This bonus allows you to earn 10% of everything your direct downlines earn. For example if your downlines earn €4,000 every day, you earn €400. Hope it’s clear? You earn up to infinity width and infinity 5 generation deep.

  • Network Levels:

The points you accumulate from Binary Bonus help to move you from one Rank or Level to another. This attracts more income.
A new level will give you access to a higher Gaming residual income. Also, when you reach level 8, you will be invited to a luxury VIP Cruise!
Starter (S) = 0-499 Points ==> Gives you 5% Residual Income
Team Leader (T) = 500-2,500 Points ==> Gives you 5% Residual Income
Co-ordinator (C) = 5,000-25,000 Points ==> Gives you 5% Residual Income
Manager (M) = 50,000-250,000 Points ==> Gives you 5% Residual Income
Director (B) = 500,000-2,500,000 Points ==> Gives you 10% Residual Income
President (P) = 5,000,000-25,000,000 Points ==> Gives you 10% Residual Income

  • Affiliate Residuals Income:

This is a monthly income you’ll be receiving from the company.
We are having Live Webinars daily for beginners. So make sure you download Zoom App and be ready to attend webinars based on your Region and the time set for the webinar in your region.
Register yourself using this link.

Click here to join now

NB: Do not make the mistake of wanting to join the Business under someone because you may know the person or be related to, but the person may not know the business. A Clueless sponsor derails business progress, Truth hurts and I am unapologetic. Be wiser, this is business and it has no relation to proximity nor knowing the person. Get a link to register from a Good knowledgeable Sponsor, Once registered using the link you choose a Package with Owner’s Rights and educational pack. Below are Crowd1 Packages Crowd1 benefits for just buying your profit shares. Buy a package and Receive owner rights (Profit Shares) and your Educational package.

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