There are four ways to make money; not understanding this will leave you forever broke. So, pay attention and take note about this post.

1. Use your “time” to make money

2. Use your time build a “machine” (system) that works and make money on your behalf.

3. Use your money to build what will engage “other people’s time” to make money on your behalf

4. Put your money in system (through investment) that makes more “money” on your behalf.

5. Steal/kill to get it – i am not sure you want to try that.

If you will ever make money in your life, it will always be from either of the four means.

Number 1. Bad news is no. 1 is the least. If you make money only with your time, chances that you will die rich is slim. Becuase the day you break-down or have no energy to use your time to work, you stop making money.

Using only your time to make money is an act/art of creating a poverty friendly financial model.

Number 2. This is by far the best way. This is what i called the 4th industrial evolution strategy.

E. G Mark Zuckerberg creating a machine/system called Facebook to make money on his behalf.

This is the sweetest part. Machine don’t get tired. I can’t stress it more than Akin Alabi in his book titled “small business big money” get one if you want to learn how.

Number 3. This is good but not so fantastic. Its hard to make it using this medium if you dont have reliable people.

E. G A friend of mine have 7 buses in lagos while he is based in Calabar.

So, creating something that engages other to make money on your behalf affords you your own time to further create more opportunities and have fun enjoying your money. Waiting we gain if we make money and don’t enjoy it.

Number 4. I am sure you have heard people talking about the magic of bitcoin, well that’s a practical example of putting your money in a system that works on your behalf to make money for you. Such system offers you far exponential returns such that you can’t make with your time.

To cut the long story short… I know someone is complaining about how Nigeria is hard.

Well heaven is falling isnt a matter of one person. We are all feeling the heat together.

So, open your ears and hear what the spirit is saying.

We all start with number one, that’s not bad. Remaining there is like inviting chronic poverty to join your existing 7demons poverty.

Think smart. The way to get out is simple. As you are hustling think about the 3 other means.

Save your money and employ either means.

This is a secret to financial abundance

Charles Avis

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