How to Earn $10-$100 Daily?

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Do you have a phone and Internet Connection?

 Do you know with the aforementioned tools you can start earning money today?

To increase your chances of earning more you can start by creating a New Youtbe channel and a free blog, as a New Blogger/Youtuber?

You can also use an already existing blog, or Youtube channel.

Making money online seems to be a difficult task for newbies especially bloggers and Youtubers. Why a lot of person have the idea of monetizing their blog or channel using Google AdSense. Most times getting Google approval or getting the number of watch time and subscribers can take a long period of time.

In this article we will be showing you the simple, yet effective strategy that you can use to start earning a minimum of $5-$100 daily from the outset of your blog creation, your new Youtube channel or basically just using just your Smartphone and Social Media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp Pinterest, Reddit, etc using two effective platforms.

For those who are intending to start a blog or Youtube channel. You can create a Youtube channel for free if you have a Gmail account. You can also create a free blog using,,,, and every other relevant platform available. If you need details on how to create a blog for free simply do a couple of search on Google.

Well as for those who intend to start a new Youtube channel we’ve created a self explanatory guide on how you can easily create and grow a Youtube channel. You can check it out here. Both methods revealed in this article can earn you up to $1000 monthly or more if you strictly abide by the principles I will be sharing in this article.

Like you know earnings are not typical, your earnings are strictly dependent on the measure of work you are willing to put in.

Remember there’s no need to wait for approval, you can start instantly. You simply need a Gmail or Facebook account. You can still earn if you don’t own a blog but having a blog gives you a more added advantage.

What you should know about earning $1,000 or more monthly with no investment

Registration fee: $000

Registration Bonus: $1

Minimum withdrawal: $5

Daily earnings: $5-$220

Bonus: Earn 20% for life of all your referrals earnings.

The first platform I will be introducing you to is URL Shortner Platform which is currently the highest paying URL Shortner globally

URL shorteners have been around for as long as blogging has. However, these days, with the rise of Twitter and other social media placing limits on the number of characters, as well as bloggers wishing to maintain a cleaner minimalistic look on their blogs and avoid unnecessarily long links cluttering their pages, URL shorteners have gained greater popularity.  

Best Features offered by

  • Payment Time: Daily Payout
  • Sign Up Bonus: $1
  • Payment Options: Paypal, Bitcoin, Payoneer, Paytm, UPI, PhonePe, Skrill, etc
  • Referral Bonus: 20% for Lifetime
  • Ad Formats: Clean Banner Ads
  • Detailed stats reporting system
  • Beautiful UI (User Interface)
  • CPM Rates: Up to $22

How to Register On

  1. Sign Up Here for $1 Sign Up Bonus
  2. Click on Register
  3. Enter Any Username, Email, & Password, Tick on I’m not a robot, Agree to Terms of Use & Click on Register. Your Account has been created)
  4. Then Sign In With Your Username or Email and Password.
  5. Paste The Link You Want to Share Under Manage Link (Your URL Here) and Click on Shorten. (for Example  

Further Details You Should Know About

It easy to earn money online with, there are a lot of payment proof, Features and Honest Reviews. You can earn up to $22 for 1,000 views. website allows you to create short links of any Website/Blog/Youtue Video Etc. You can share the shortened URLS on your social Media (WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Telegram) Blog, Website, Youtube Channel, or any other social network once your visitors click on the shortened URLs, you can earn money from the click through Referral Program

You can earn 20% lifetime bonus from your referrals earning even though you do not earn from shortening links. So, if you refer 100 people who earn a minimum of $20 monthly, you can earn $2 from each of their earnings. That leaves you with $200 for doing nothing apart from referring other. Tools

There are a lot of tools to help you promote your link using the platform these include

  • Quick Link
  • Mass Shrinker
  • Full Page Script
  • Developers API
  • Bookmarklet
  • And many more…. Feature:

  • Minimum Payout :- $5
  • Sign Up Bonus:- $1
  • Payment Terms:- Daily (Within 2 Hours To 24 Hours)
  • Payment Method:- PayPal, Paytm, UPI, PhonePe,/Bank Transfer, Bitcoin, Litecoin, Payoneer, Payeer, Or Skrill
  • Referral Commission:- 20% Lifetime
  • CPM Rates:- Ranges From $2.50 To $22

How to Get Your Referral Link

1- Login to Your Account.

2- Go to Menu > Referrals

3- Copy Your Referral Link & Share it with your Friends, Family, or Social Media.

How to Withdraw Money from

Once You Reached Minimum 5$. You can Withdrawal your Earned Money Instantly by Doing Steps Below: –

1. Go to Menu > Settings > Profile

2.  Choose Withdrawal Method & Withdrawal Account Detail and Click on Submit

3. Go to Menu Again > Withdraw

4- Click on Withdraw Button & Confirm It.

Here’s a Quick Review.

You would get the Pleasant World Class Customer Support Via WhatsApp or Facebook if you have any questions or queries!

You can get All The Payment Methods Like Paypal, Paytm, UPI, Bitcoin with No Transaction Fees.

The Minimum Payout is 5$ in which you Need to Earn 4$ for getting your First Withdrawal.

Surprisingly, the 22$ CPM rate per 1000 Views is not for US traffic, but traffic from Greenland.

For US-based traffic, ShrinkMe offers a CPM rate of 14$ per 1000 Views. Publisher Rates By Country:

  • Greenland — $22
  • Ireland — $16
  • United States –$14
  • Belgium –$7.50
  • United Kingdom — $
  • Singapore — $6.50
  • Germany — $7
  • Canada –$6.50
  • Australia — $7
  • Saudi Arabia — $6.50
  • France — $6
  • New Zealand — $6
  • Sweden — $6
  • Brazil — $5.50
  • Mexico — $3.20
  • Worldwide Deal — $3
  • Venezuela — $2.50
  • Russian Federation  — $2.60
  • Indonesia — $2.50

When Will You Get Paid?

  • PayPal — $5.00
  • Bitcoin – (0.0005 BTC) $20.00
  • Paytm — $5.00 (for Indians)
  • Skrill — $10. 00
  • Payeer — $10. 00
  • UPI — $5.00 (for Indians)
  • Bank Transfer – $20.00
  • Litecon (0.03 LTC Fee) -$20.00
  • Ripple ­­– $15. 00
  • PhonePe — $5.00 (for Indians)

Few Cons of Using ShrinkMe URL Shortener: –

  • Annoying/Irritating at times for the users with interstitial or Popup ads
  • Requires JavaScript & Flash enabled by the users on their browser
  • Not Allowed Adult Content, Torrent, PTC or Faucet Traffic
  • Redirecting Loop (Shorting ShrinkMe Link with another Shortener) is Not Allowed

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