How To Get People Attracted To Your Contents

Do you want to build influence online?

Once in a while, I see people who should be more than they are but are not. People who should have large followers but fail to attract and retain anyone.

Stay with me as I explain.

I want you to relax and take a deep breath. Take your mind back to a few people you used to know. Maybe you were even friends with them. This person was and is still brilliant. He knows a lot of things. You were naturally attracted to that person to learn from him. But then something happened.

Can you remember what it was?

Let me help you.

Do you remember that….

All of a sudden, you got tired of him. His mode of communication which you used to enjoy became soured. It began to taste like unwashed bitter leaf. You couldn’t chew it again.

Oh! Do you remember the grammars he loved using? Ahah! What about that big grammar you always laughed about. It looked all impressive then, right?. But after sometime, you just told yourself that maybe you couldn’t understand him any better.

You thought you could learn new words from him but all of a sudden, you cannot even stand his speech. So you withdrew.

What can you make out of this?

I want you to make a connection between what you imagined and what I said earlier about people loosing influence and becoming unattractive for what they didn’t understand to be the cause.

Dear friend,

Big grammar kills and repels people. It is only good for showmanship but after a while, it becomes unattractive. It could even affect your chances of getting a job.

If you or any of your close friends wants to build influence and retain friends, try as much as possible to avoid speaking in a way people cannot understand. You don’t want to sound smart but lost at the same time.

All the grammars you learned before are for the walls of the classroom. If you want to start a movement and lead people, you must speak as clearly as possible.

Use simple terms that anyone can understand. You have those ideas that need to be communicated, use simple words to speak them.

Have you ever listened to Barack Obama speak? What about Donald Trump? Tony Robbins? Who else do you enjoy listening to?

Did you ever have to use the dictionary every time they spoke? I guess not.

In this space, I’ve watched people of big grammar disappear from the limelight. Many of them never understood why it was so. They thought that no one needed their message but they were wrong. People found it difficult to understand them.

Don’t try to take people back to the classroom of learning big grammars. Keep those grammars for your academic papers and communication with your Profs. You cannot afford to be a casualty of your own making.

On this street of influence, simplicity is the code.

… Sam.

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