How To Grow Your Brand On Instagram

Instagram is one of the major Social media platform on with over 1 billion unique monthly user. It remains one of the important means companies and brands are using to grow their market share, visibility, profit. A complete stats on the potentials of using this platform here  

  1. Growth on Instagram starts with your bio

. Every user that visits your profile must be sold right from the very first second they land on your account.

So, in this post we want to share with you the structure that makes your account grow faster on Instagram!


Instead of your name use keywords that relate to your account (example: Gym & Fitness Blog). This helps you get discovered by more users that are searching for a certain topic.


Answer this question in the first line of your bio with just a few words.


Explain to users what your account is all about. Again, just use simple phrases.


This will fill out your last line of the bio and it should give users a strong reason to why they have to follow you. If your account does not provide value or entertain people, they have no intent to become a follower.

There you have it. It’s now up to you! Optimize your bio with this simple structure and get ready for new followers.

Here are 5 TIPS on how you can use Instagram to grow your sales long-term

1. Market Research

When starting a #business on Instagram, the first thing you should do is a proper market research. You need to look at who your competitors are, what they are doing that is working, and what they are doing that is not working, and how you can do better. This is compulsory for success.

One mistake I see business owners on Instagram make is that they just jump on Instagram, create a page, start selling and praying for customers/clients to come patronize their business.

This is a very wrong move. The game has changed. Instagram is now crowded with 1001+ people selling the same products and services as you are. For you to sell out, you will need to do a proper research to see how you can stand out from the crowd.

2. Show your Personality

It is not just about selling. Before someone can become your customer, they first have to know, like and trust you. And this can only happen when you focus on building a strong relationship with your followers.


By sharing personal content about you. Tell us your plans for today. Are you a full-time entrepreneur or part-time hustler? Tell us.

This is how you can connect with your followers on an emotional level and build that like and trust foundation. And this is the only way you can sell organically.

3. Positioning

This is the main thing that will keep customers coming to you instead of you going to them.


Optimize your bio so they can find you first. Instead of having your name as the username, use keywords you want to be found for.

4. Stand Out

You have to deliver high quality content that no competitors in your niche are sharing. This will make you really stand out as an authority in your marketplace.

5. Community Building

Build a strong community around your profile. This is very important like I have stated before.

You have to reply comments, dm your most active followers, build relationships, check out their stories, mention them in your story, all of these help you grow a strong community that will be ready to buy from you every day. So one added



So sorry it has been a minute!

I went on recession lol… gist for another day…

So how have you been?

I always get to audit brands or consult almost every day and one constant issue has always been, “I don’t get engagement”.

“I have never made sales on Instagram” etc.

..Is this you?

If you are on this table please come down o. You are leaving a lot of money on the table!


So if your page is set up for sales (In quote), this is what you must do daily. …

1. Engage with all those who like your post, go to their pages (if they are your Ideal client) like at least 4 post and commemt on one by saying….

You have a very nice page, I have this FREE ebook, class, training etc. I would love to gift you…..

Can I send you a DM? …..

You have kicked started a conversation that will be leading to sales if you know the dynamics to it.

The key thing here is never sell first.

Seek to help first.

Do not spam or push stuff to sell.

Offer your value first.

I hope this post has been helpful?

If you have questions please ask in the comment section and I will get to you.

Me I have blown the trumpet again oooo

Isn’t it time you built an email list for your business?

You have been hearing about this for a long time but you refuse to do it.

Few days ago, this your darling Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp went down.

Is that not another warning signal?

OK o.

Continue to do strong head and lose your business.

What kukuma concern me?

Me I am just telling you my own ooo…

If you know you need to build an email list and don’t know how to go about it, let’s meet ourselves in the comment section below and iron it out once and for all.

Communication with the Market


By some estimates, 85% of your success in business depends on communication and interpersonal skills. People must know about your products and services before they will buy them.

If your advertising or public relations messages miss the mark, you’ve wasted money and you haven’t attracted customer or clients. If your salespeople are poor communicators, they won’t bring in revenue. If your customer-service people are inept at communicating, they will lose business.

When customers of one enterprise take their business to a competitor, the villian in the great majority of cases is poor communication.

This is the age of information and it is mandatory for you communicate vehemently with your clients, so as not to lose them to your competitors. Think about it. You need to see things beyond the way they appears. Think things through. Thinkers are achievers.


Note: This is for the entrepreneur or business person that cares about the growth of his/her business.

There is absolutely no doubt that marketing is the backbone of every business. As a digital marketer that has a deep understanding of the marketing terrain, I’d rather suggest if you stop throwing your money towards marketing when your customer service is really poor. Instead, put that energy into your building strong customer service.

The truth is if your marketing strategy is superb, but your customer service is poor, people will buy from you once and they’d never come back again. Do you want that? Definitely, your answer is no.

I engage with customers every day, as a result of my position as a digital marketer. So, I understand that some customers can be really hard to deal with, but never treat them shabbily. If you must say no to a customer, endeavour to do that politely. You are in no position to making them realise how unreasonable they are – leave that problem for their family and friends to sort out.

Some customers might make you go through a lot of stress, and they will eventually not purchase whatever product/service you are offering. To an entrepreneur/business person, this can be really frustrating, but do you know that a topnotch customer service towards that individual might trigger him/her to refer his/her friend(s) to you or even buy from you later.

Whenever a customer engages with you or your team, endeavour to look beyond that one customer. Make sure you treat him/her with respect (everybody loves to be respected); make them feel like the most valuable person in the world.

You have got nothing to lose, but everything to gain by doing this. Then, what is holding you back from doing it? Truth is, you do not know who that one customer knows. As an entrepreneur, I believe you know the power of referral.

Let me conclude with this, make customer satisfaction your no.1 marketing strategy. No ad is as effective as a testimonial from a happy/satisfied customer.

P.S: Marketing through word of mouth is the oldest, cheapest and the most effective form of marketing. You and your team should utilise it well.


Do not use any hashtags that you fancy or even come up with your own (unless is for your brand).

If your account is still relatively small, using hashtags that has over a million posts will not do you any good. However, using hashtags that has less than a hundred thousand posts will help you to be discovered.

Instagrammers use hashtags to look for brands, events, information, etc. If you use a very popular hashtag, then your post will not get found or noticed.

Try to research as much as possible, general hashtags that can be used for your niche. Then separate them into sets, 2 to 3 depending on how many hashtags you can find and rotate them.

If you keep using the same set of hashtags over and over again, the algorithm will deem it too spammy and will work against you.

When you upload your post, besides using your generic hashtags, always use specific ones that is related to your content.

Do you do any hashtag research before using hashtags for your posts?

Here Are The STRATEGIES And SECRETS I Have Used To Research Hashtags For Myself And My Clients To Boost Their Instagram Visibility And Gain Relevant Followers & Customers

You are on Instagram and you use hashtags. That is beautiful. But, I am sure you don’t really know about what I am going to show you here.




Instagram is already hard on its own. The competition is ever increasing and visibility is becoming premium value. So, you may think about quitting your Instagram game. What about…?





Should I tell you how an effective hashtag strategy can give you ALL visibility you need as well as helping you gain relevant followers and possible clients?





So, you are ready to do whatever it takes to hit this target?





So, let me share with you my thought process and actionable strategies that yield a HIGHLY effective result, irrespective of your goals.







1. When it comes to hashtag, “It’s not about getting seen by a lot of people, it’s about getting seen by the right people. That’s how hashtags lead to higher engagement and more followers”. – Hubspot



When you want to use any hashtag, ask yourself this question, “Who am I targeting?” Do you want to target your competitors or possible clients?. Most people end up using multiple Niche hashtags that exposes them to their competitors only. And trust me, your competitors aren’t who you are looking for. –



When it comes to choosing Instagram hashtags, the golden rule is: use only hashtags that are relevant to your BRAND, INDUSTRY, and AUDIENCE.





2. Before using any hashtag, be sure to browse through the hashtag page to ensure the associated content is appropriate. Most times, the hashtag you would want to use could be banned or contains posts and pictures that will not reflect well on your brand and business. If you use a hashtag that has to do with let’s say # cars , will your post be appropriate to this type of hashtag? Instagram has BANNED lots of hashtags because of inappropriate contents on them.





3. No matter how popular they may be, you should avoid hashtags that shamelessly solicit likes and followers—# followme, # like4like, # follow4follow, # tagsforlikes, etc. Using these will attract bots, spammers, and others users who have no intention of engaging with you in any meaningful way.





4. Consider Post Density before using hashtags. You should be mindful if the hashtag set you use. There are hashtags that has over a million posts density. The top ranked accounts in those hashtags has about and above 5k-10k likes and engagement. If you barely struggle with 50-100 likes, you stand no chance. So, focus on the hashtag sets you can compete in.

Let me stop this here. Instagram hashtag research can be learned. Trust me, when you get this right, it is also as very effective as a sponsored visibility.

Source: Okeke Hycent, Ezekiel Winner and Daniel Ibomor

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