How To Make N75, 000-N200, 000 Monthly With Your Smartphone, Without Investing A Dime

In the last post I shared a more detailed explanation on how to make N 200, 000 with your smartphone. Click here for details.

You need a few applications for this;

Branch App





Branch App

Branch is a financial inclusion application that allows individuals take loans from the company and pay back at the rate of 20% Interest.

Well, I’m not interested in the loan, my interest is in the referral bonuses.

Here is how it works.

You receive N1,500 for everyone you refer that Takes a first loan and makes a repayment

The Repayment is the major issue. I’d show you how I do mine Practically

Branch LLC sets aside N2,000 as welcome package for every new registrations on their app. The referrer gets N1,500 and the referee gets N500. I balance this equation by offering all my referees N500 out of my own N1,500.

So for everyone that registers using my link in branch and/or uses my code to register in the first app, gets N500 from me.



You already know the procedure to register, apply for a loan and pay back, but I’ll go through it again so you’d have a base to go through while showing others.

Input all necessary details including BVN, and get to your dashboard


Then click on the left menu key and go to Promotions that’s where you’d put the code of your referrer, in this case the code is daniel8e3ef

Let’s Go

Click here to download the branch app

If you already have it and/or is using, watch and learn

After installation, click on Register with Phone number

Before we start, there are 4 major important things you need to know about branch

  1. Always request for a loan first and pay back before trying to get a referral link. If you go for referral first, the app will automatically give you a broken link and you’d be loosing all referrals.


  1. A normal person must have the name on the BVN correlating with the one on his bank account and Branch registration words for words, letters for letters, space for space.


And other details too, if not; Branch will tell you to continue trying in 3 days or TECHNICAL ISSUES.


  1. Another issue is if the person refers before taking and repaying first loan. They’ll never give you a loan.

Not applying promo code is another issue.


  1. Follow the instructions and procedures to the latter. You’d get yours after repaying your first loan. I’d show you how



That’s the code ☝🏾

After imputing it, you’d receive a message that it’s successful.

: Click on Repayment

Choose Pay with Debit Card

Put in the details of your ATM card.

please note that it’s safe, you can remove it after payment, just click on one-time payment option

Then put your pin, Your bank will send you an OTP as text message. This is to ensure that it’s not someone else trying to hack your bank account and steal your funds input the OTP and once your transaction is successful. You’d receive another N500 in your branch account.

4.) Pay back the loan (N1200) immediately..

There are several ways to do that. I make use of my ATM card.

If you have GTBank as I had already explained, you can use *737#.

Go back to home.

Apply for N1000 loan.

Wait on the app till you receive a credit alert of N1000, this may take up to 30 minutes. They claim 8 hours but it doesn’t take up to that.

I’d recommend using GTBank to receive, paying back is easy with *737#

You’ll receive credit alert immediately you do that. 👆🏼

Click on Refer and Earn

Copy out your link and share.

You’d see your bonus N500 there already.



Branch is one thousand percent safe. 💓 I have been using it for over 10 months now.



And you’ll only be given the free N500 immediately you do this. ❣*



Now, you are eligible to start inviting people too.



You’ll be paid N1,500 per invite as at today.



And your friend gets N500 for joining as well.

Let go to the second one.

PiggyVest App

Have you experienced a situation where money enters your account in the morning and before nightfall, it’s all gone and you can’t even account for how it went?

I decided to add PiggyVest to the list because if 2 reasons.

  1. They have a 1000 referral system, which is somewhat not rigorous to achieve
  2. They are backed by UBA bank, thats an added layer of trust. Coupled with the fact that they just started a one year savings campaign.

PiggyVest – download here

In fact, if you are not currently saving money, I don’t know what to say about your financial future. If all your money goes into Parte after parte well, e go be ✌🏼😆😆

I shared this App because you will definitely need a place to save part of the money you’ll be getting from Branch App. Because it looks like Free Money we have the tendency of wasting such funds, so you have to prepare yourself to save.

In addition Piggyvest offers you an investment platform. You can get 10-13% of your investment.

I’ll show you how to do all these as we progress now


Follow Each steps well please 🙌🏾



PiggyVest is a savings platform and just like Branch, PiggyVest would

  1. Give you N1000 and your referral N1000 for joining


  1. Once your referral to save N1, 000 before both of you would receive your bonuses.

So this is what to do.

If you’ve already received payments from branch, do these 2 things.

  1. Save N100 in your piggybank wallet inside the app.
  2. Save N1000 in your flex naira wallet inside the same app.

Your bonus will be released and you can then start referring people.



Now Number three

Cowrywise App

Cowrywise is A savings and investment app.


Click here to download app


Its actually my favourite, because I automate my savings with Cowrywise

Have you experienced a situation where money enters your account in the morning and before nightfall, it’s all gone and you can’t even account for how it went?

Cowrywise is A savings and investment app. Its actually my favourite, because I automate my savings with Cowrywise.


Well it happens to us all when we start earning the urge to spend comes up. And that’s why I use cowrywise. I set up different savings projects on Cowrywise and I automate them, sometimes I don’t even know when I save money. I just wake up to the notification Congratulations, you just saved on Cowrywise 😆😆😆


So apart from the money you will make from referring others, this app helps to automate your savings like I rightly mentioned above. The process are as easy as ABC.

Lay out a Plan or join the band or naysayers.

Its as simple as that.

I’ve just shown you my personal secret of making money online right from my room without having any product or rendering any service.


If you register one person daily on these 3 apps, you’d be making N2750 every day. In 7 days, it’s N19250.

In 30 days it’s N82,000+


The choice is yours.

Be straight forward! Some people are downright uninterested in stuffs like this for reasons best known to them. Once you explain yourself and they don’t accept, thank them and look for someone else! Don’t waste your time this 2020! Nobody is entitled to you and vice versa!

There are over 120 million people using the internet especially social media in Nigeria and your goal is only 360 people, that’s roughly 0.0003%

Now this is what I do To Make 75k-200k Monthly


  1. Be Intentional (lay out a plan and follow it, don’t be too greedy, follow what you. Can comfortably do, I’d advice 1 person per day, I know people who can do 5 people per day, but I stuck to 1 person per day for 5 months)
  2. Be Angry! ( If you don’t see any need to leave your current position, this class would have been a waste causes you won’t do anything about it, the last time I did this class, I charged them 2k each to learn this secret,, but because it’s free, you might take it for granted. My point is get angry at your current position and do something about it cause nobody will!
  3. I set daily targets for registering people in Branch. If I register 3 people daily. I make N3,000 Everyday. In 5 days, I make N15,000. Right from my room. Its as simple as you making a decision and sticking to it, no matter what!
  4. Give Bonuses:

People are always attracted to Bonuses, don’t be greedy, share your proceeds, there is live in sharing😍😍😍

2020 will be better for us all!*

  1. Set a daily target and follow it through.

Ladies and Gentlemen, we have come to the end of this wonderful post. I hope to read our success story. Don’t forget to like this post and share it with our friends. I sincerely want to appreciate each and every one of you for the time we all spent together.

Some persons still find it difficult to understand the process, I will share a detailed strategy in this post and introduce the next app.

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